Why shouldn’t all our leaders be women?

No really, let’s think about this.

Clickbait headlines aside, there are some statistics to be looked at here. First: women make up 50.8% of the population, but only 19% of Congress. These numbers aren’t new, but they are necessary.

When not being forced to inordinately prove their credentials, or being interrupted by male colleagues, women do some pretty amazing things (like inventing computer programming or leading empires). But don’t take my word for it, look to the science.

Diplomacy Under Pressure

Studies show that when confronted with stress, rather than revert to the classic “fight-or-flight” response, women are more likely to “tend and befriend.” This means that a woman is more likely to try to dispel a fraught situation diplomatically, with specific attention to protecting those under her care — friends, family, children, or constituents.

And sure, there are some who might say that the inclination toward negotiation is a sign of weakness, but in a time where we have weapons that can destroy the entire planet, I think we can all agree that a little diplomacy couldn’t hurt.

Women Have Tougher Brains

Historically, women report higher levels of stress than men, often citing a combination of work pressures, household burdens, and societal expectations.

But not to fear, because research shows that women are more resilient to stress than men are. This has to do to women having more of an enzyme that produces estradiol, which is related to the hormone estrogen.

Whereas male subjects in the study showed markedly worse memory, attention to detail, and decision making abilities in high stress situations, female subjects were not impaired. They retained their full abilities under stress, and performed better overall than the males.

Let’s say that again, shall we?

Female subjects retained their full abilities under stress, and performed better overall than the males.

So why did I say that all our leaders should be women?

Simple: women make better leaders.

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