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Life Updates

Need to get down to business, but we got a Nintendo Switch

So I also write fiction (oh hey a link!) and I’ve been steadily reformatting some of my larger long-form projects to work well here on this blog. A friend of mine likened it to Charles Dickens for the modern era. He meant it as a compliment (he likes Dickens much more than I do) but I will promise right now that it isn’t going to be nearly as rambly as Dickens because, unlike Dickens, no one is paying me by the word for my fiction. Yet.

old fashioned cursive handwriting
And they all looked like this

Where was I?

Ah yes, the Reprise update!

Reprise is one of my biggest (i.e. longest) stories, and while it would’ve made a crappy book, it’s ideally suited to be uploaded as a long running serial. It’s got a great cast, a massive and immersive world, intricate and wide-ranging backstory, and cliffhangers aplenty. So naturally, I’m going to share it here… once I finish making a few minor tweaks to the beginning.

See, when I first started writing Reprise, I had the idea that it was going to be a novel. About midway through I finally abandoned that idea (it was a silly idea) and started letting the story do what it needed to do, but the first two chapters are still written in that constrained not-great-for-blogging format. So I’ve been updating it, and so far it’s been going well.

cat sleeping on notebook page
For the most part

But then the Roommate got a Nintendo Switch. More specifically, he got a Nintendo Switch with the new Zelda game. The new Zelda game that has a great cast, a massive and immersive world, intricate and wide-ranging backstory, and cliffhangers aplenty.

I think you know where this is going.

seven hours later
It was probably closer to 10

But no more! I am now focused and ready for some serious business time. Yes, while I will still play the occasional hour or two of that fantastic open-world game with gorgeous artwork, I will also exercise restraint and the iron-clad will and resolve for which I am known.

I’m going to get this done. The first updates of Reprise will drop in October.

It’s serious business time.

serious business face serious business hat
At the library, with my serious business face, in my serious business hat, ’bout to get to some serious business

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