A cat sitting in a small cat house looking surly
Life Updates

So I guess things are going pretty well?

Maybe you’re wondering about the question mark.

That’s sensible of you. Question marks usually mean uncertainty, sometimes sarcasm. In this case, I think it’d be more apt to say it’s mild surprise and perhaps light suspicion.

Life right now is… good, she says very, very slowly.

I hesitate because usually around the time I start declaring “And now all is good!” is when everything begins to fall apart. But I also realized I haven’t posted a life update in a while, and my life updates page looks weird with only two posts.

Three’s the magic number, yo.

So I’m going to risk jinxing my happiness for the sake of my art.

But, like, that’s what being an artist is all about, right?

A cat sitting in a small cat house looking surly
Even the cat thinks this is a bad idea. And she thinks eating stink bugs is a reasonable course of action.

So work is going pretty good. The usual mix of ghost-blogging*, pitching to online magazines, writing, and avoiding the siren song of the Nintendo Switch (the Roommate did offer to turn on the parental settings for me, but I assured him I am an adult, and with more discipline than that; so far I have been mostly right).

My personal life is also doing pretty good. The Parents are happily settled into their new house in Pittsburgh. I see the rest of my family on the regular. Hang out with local friends. Skype my remote friends.

Oh yeah and I met a guy and he’s pretty cool.

Okay yeah, so maybe that’s what this post is actually about. Sorry for making you wait this long. Maybe should have led with that…

Don’t judge me, I didn’t feel like doing my bangs today.

So yeah, we’ve gone on, what, three dates so far? He’s pretty cute. Pretty smart. He’s sciencey, has a PhD (humble-brag: Katherine’s dating a doctor). Works a lot. (A lot.) He seems to like me as much as I like him. I’m not going to say his name because I haven’t told him that I’m writing about him yet. And I don’t really do names on here. So we’ll just call him Science Cutie.

Maybe that’s reductive. It’s the sort of thing he’d find funny though, so I don’t feel so bad.

To my knowledge, he doesn’t read this blog. Possibly because I don’t know if he knows how to spell my last name yet. That’s something that usually takes more than 3 dates to get down.

But yeah, that’s going well. He’s off doing stuff with his family this weekend, but we’re hanging out again early next week. It’s kind of nice to be back taking things slow and easy. Things don’t need to be a big dramatic whirlwind to be romantic. So far our three dates have been (1) drinks, (2) dinner, and (3) an evening walk in the Ann Arbor Nichols Arboretum, also called “the Arb” followed by heading home to watch “Rick and Morty.”

And that’s basically it. Work, social life, and love life. All three are going pretty okay at the moment.

Now excuse while I go knock loudly on every wood surface in reach.

There, they’re back. Yeahhh, I realize this post could totes backfire

*It’s actually just that I ghostwrite for a blog, but ghost-blogging sounds cooler/spookier

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