Detroit, September 2013.

Julie Anders lives like an ordinary American college student. She works two jobs, takes classes full time, and worries about her loans and the possibility of grad school. She doesn’t have time to care about the games of the rich and powerful.

But one Friday night, Julie stops to help an injured stranger, and she finds herself in the crosshairs of the richest and most powerful of Detroit’s ruling elite — and the games these people play are like nothing she imagined.

What Julie doesn’t know is that magic is real, and her new enemy has power beyond his great wealth. Set against the backdrop of a Detroit glittering with progress and affluence, Julie finds herself at the forefront of a battle left unfinished fifteen years ago. It’s going to take everything she has to come out with her soul intact.


Currently only the first chapter of Reprise is available for public viewing. If you’re interested in reading more, please contact me directly.


Chapter Cover Art

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